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Wife of James, Ashley is a proofreader and movie reviewer for a local paper in Wyoming.

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Posted 2014-06-25 21:58:03 by Ashley

While I haven't been writing here, I've been busy blogging for work. I'm on the One Book Wyoming Committee that is hosting events with Craig Johnson July 1 and 2. He writes the Walt Longmire books, including "Spirit of Steamboat", which the hit TV show "Longmire" is based off of. My work blog is located here at the following link: http://www.sweetwaterlibraries.com/sclsblogs/onebookwyoming/  Read my Sweetwater County Library System blog, check out the novel "Spirit of Steamboat", catch up on all the posts, please comment and share your thoughts, and get excited for Craig Johnson being in Sweetwater County for two days next week as part of the One Book Wyoming program. - July 1 and 2. Don't forget to enter your name in the drawing at the libraries to win a pair of tickets for a personal meet and greet with the author at Bitter Creek Brewing!


Friend of Rick from college.

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Posted 2011-08-21 08:29:49 by James

What to write about that is the question it seems I lack any sort of motivation to write anything as i am not very passionate about anything at the moment. I have lost hope that any of my decently thought out arguments will ever get through to anyone. I believe I will forever be caught up in the title of TROLL. so from this day forward i shall lovingly embrace that title for if it were not for trolls then no one would ever bother discussing anything and not that the arguments will do any good or solve any conflict but at least it will make people think for a while use that part of there brain that stagnates and atrophies in today's world where there are people to think for you. so stay tuned for the ultimate Trollercoaster that this blog will become assuming anyone else but ash and captain Ricard of the USS Xfirise.